English file Pre — 1A

Listening - Unit 1A


a. Listen to a conversation between two people at a party. Why does Ben leave?

b. Listen again. Mark the sentences T (true) or F (false).

  1. Sandra is a nurse.
  2. Ben is a doctor.
  3. Sandra likes dance music.
  4. Sandra didn’t go to the Muse concert.
  5. Sandra plays tennis.
  6. Ben plays tennis.

Ben Great party.

Sandra Yes, it is.

Ben Sorry…hi…my name’s Ben.

Sandra I’m Sandra.

Ben What do you do, Sandra?

Sandra I’m a nurse. How about you?

Ben Me? Oh, I’m a student.

Sandra A student? Really? What university do you go to?

Ben Manchester. I go to Manchester University. I’m in my second year of medicine.

Sandra Do you like it?

Ben Yes, I do. I like it very much…

Ben What do you think of the music, Sandra? Do you like it?

Sandra No, not really.

Ben What kind of music do you listen to?

Sandra I like rock music.

Ben Do you? Who’s your favourite band?

Sandra Muse. I really like Muse.

Ben Me, too. Did you go to the concert last month?

Sandra No. I didn’t. Was it good?

Ben Yes, it was excellent. I’m sorry you missed it.

Ben Do you do any sport or exercise. Sandra?

Sandra Yes, I play tennis.

Ben Ah, nice. I play rugby. I’m in the university team. Sandra Are you?

Ben Yes, l am. But I play tennis, too. Perhaps we can play together one day.

Sandra Maybe. But I usually play with my boyfriend.

Ben Your boyfriend?

Sandra Yes, here he is. Wayne, this is Ben. Ben, Wayne. Wayne Hello. Nice to meet you.

Ben Hi. Um, look at the time. Um, must go- some friends are waiting for me. Um, bye Sandra.

Sandra Bye.