English file Pre — 1B

Listening - Unit 1B


a. Listen to a radio programme about online dating. How many people call the programme?

b. Listen again and match the callers with the sentences A-F.

1 — Alan, 2 — Kate, 3 — Paolo.

  1. He / she doesn’t have time for a social life.
  2. He / she made a mistake.
  3. He / she had a child with the partner he / she met online.
  4. He / she married someone who was married before.
  5. He / she doesn’t like meeting new people.
  6. He / she is happily married now, but doesn’t have any children.

Presenter Hello and welcome to LoveOnline. Today, we’d like you, the listeners, to call in and tell us about your experiences of online relationships. A n d — o h my! — that’s quick! — we already have our first caller. Hello?
Alan Hi, my name’s Alan.
Presenter Hello, Alan. Can you tell us about your experience of internet dating?
Alan Yes, of course. I’m quite shy, you see, and I’m not very good at talking to girls I don’t know. So one day, I registered on an online dating agency and I met Susan.

Presenter And what happened?
Alan We got on really well. In fact, after four months, we bought a house together. And now we’ve got a beautiful little boy called Sam.
Presenter Congratulations. Alan! Thanks for calling. Now, I think we have another caller. Hello?
Kate Hi, I’m Kate.
Presenter Hello, Kate. What can you tell us about love online?
Kate Well, I decided to try a dating site because I work long hours and I don’t have time to meet new people.

Presenter So what happened?
Kate Well, I met some guys, and then I met Craig.

Presenter Who’s Craig?
Kate Well, now, he’s my husband. And we’re very happy together.
Presenter That’s great news, Kate! It looks as if it is possible to find love online. Now, who’s our next caller.
Paolo Paolo.
Presenter Hi, Paolo. Did you marry someone you met on the internet?
Paolo Yes, I did, but it was the worst thing I ever did.

Presenter Oh. Why’s that?
Paolo Because she didn’t really love me.
Presenter How do you know that?
Paolo It was in the newspaper. There was an article about a woman who contacted men online, married them, and then left with all their money. And there was a photo of my wife next to the article, with her ex-husband.
Presenter Oh, I’m sorry to hear that, Paolo. And I’m afraid that’s all we’ve got time for today. Join me next week for another edition of LoveOnline.