English file Pre — 2A

Listening - Unit 2A


Listen to five speakers talking about holidays they didn’t enjoy. Which speaker?

  1. Didn’t have a very exciting weekend.
  2. Wasn’t with the people he / she wanted to be with.
  3. Chose a holiday destination because of the weather there.
  4. Went on holiday after a relationship ended.
  5. Didn’t feel well when he / she was on holiday.

Speaker 1 When I was 17, I went on holiday with my parents to Brittany, in France. My parents rented a lovely house on the beach, and the weather was great. We went for a delicious meal for my birthday, but I was miserable. I wanted to be with my friends and I didn’t smile once in two weeks!
Speaker 2 A few years ago, I went to visit an old school friend, but I didn’t enjoy the weekend at all. At school we got on really well, but now she has two small children so she didn’t want to go out. I spent a very boring two days in her house watching TV. I don’t think I’m going to visit her again.
Speaker 3 It’s really hot where we live, so we always
try to go on vacation where it’s cool. Last year, we booked a vacation in Sweden, but we arrived in the middle of a heat wave. It was awful because there was no air-conditioning anywhere. We just sat in cafes and argued all day. We can do that at home!
Speaker4 When I finished university, I went on a cruise around the Mediterranean with some friends from my course. We wanted to celebrate the end
of our exams. As soon as we left the port, I started feeling seasick. I spent the whole week in bed, and I hated every minute of the cruise.
Speaker 5 Three years ago, I broke up with my boyfriend, so I decided to go on an expensive vacation on my own to the Seychelles. Unfortunately, the travel agent didn’t tell me that the islands were popular with couples on their honeymoon. Everywhere I looked, there were people holding hands and I felt very lonely.

Полезные слова

miserable — несчастный

get on really well — ладить

heat wave — аномальная жара

awful — ужасный

seasick — морская болезнь

whole week — целая неделя

to break up with — расстаться с кем-то

to decide — принимать решение

unfortunately — к сожалению

to hold hands — держать руки

lonely — одинокий