English file Pre — 2B

Listening - Unit 2B


a. Listen to a conversation between Matt and Jenny about a photo. Does Jenny like the photo?

b. Answer the questions:

  1. What does the photo show?
  2. When was the photo taken?
  3. What did the man want to win?
  4. Who were the other people in the photo?
  5. What did the man on the stall do?

Jenny What shall we do this afternoon, Matt?

Matt I know! Let’s have a look at that box of photos my aunt gave me yesterday… Here it is.. .Oh, look at that!

Jenny Who’s that?

Matt That’s my grandfather. And that’s my grandmother behind him on the right. She’s the one in the flowery dress. It was just after they got married, but before they had any children. My aunt told me all about this photo a few years ago.

Jenny So, where are they?

Matt Well, as you know my dad is Spanish. My grandparents lived in the centre of Madrid, and this photo was taken in the district where they lived.

Jenny What’s going on exactly?

Matt Well, there’s a festival there called ‘La Paloma’. It takes place in the middle of August every year, and it still happens now. There are lots of stalls selling food and also stalls where you can win a prize.

Jenny So, what was your grandfather trying to win?

Matt He was trying to win a bracelet for my grandmother. He was shooting at a target on the stall
and all those people were watching him.

Jenny Do you know any of the other people in the photo?

Matt No, I don’t. But I think they all lived near my grandfather.

Jenny Who took the photo?

Matt The man on the stall. The photo was included in the price. You had three chances to hit the target and you got the photo for free.

Jenny It’s a lovely photo. I think your granddad was very good-looking!

Matt That’s what everyone says!

Полезные слова

stall — киоск / ларек / прилавок