English file Pre — 2C

Listening - Unit 2С


a. Listen to a radio programme about people who had lucky escapes. Mark the sentences T (true) or F (false).

  1. Maureen Evanson was on holiday when the accident happened.
  2. She was in hospital for four months.
  3. Joseph Rabadue was sitting on the floor when the accident happened.
  4. The lorry hit the TV.
  5. Barry McRoy was drinking coffee when the fight happened.
  6. The DVD was in his jacket pocket.

Presenter Hello, and welcome to the programme. Today, we’re looking at lucky escapes, and Nick Williams from the news desk is here to tell us some amazing stories. Nick?

Nick Hi Gloria. Well, my First story is about a tourist who fell into a volcano. Maureen Evason was walking at the top of the Teide volcano in Tenerife, when she tripped and fell. She fell 27 metres until she hit a tree, which stopped her fall and saved her life. The rescue operation took nearly four hours, and after that Maureen spent two months in hospital before she could go home.

Presenter Lucky Maureen! What else have you got for us?

Nick Joseph Rabadue had a lucky escape when he was at home watchingTV. Joseph was sitting on the floor, so his dad told him to go and sit on the sofa. Five minutes later, a lorry crashed into their living room, and threw the family television into the air. The TV then landed on the exact spot where Joseph had been on the floor before.

Presenter What a lucky escape! Do you have anymore?

Nick Yes, just one more for now. One Saturday
morning, Barry McRoy was leaving a cafe when two men came in. The men were fighting, and one of them had a gun. The man fired, and the bullet hit Barry in the chest. Luckily, he had a DVD in the pocket of his jacket at the time, and the DVD stopped the bullet. Barry McRoy is a very lucky man.

Presenter Absolutely! So, now it’s time for you, the listeners, to call in and tell us about your own experiences. And here’s our first caller.

Полезные слова

to trip (over) — споткнуться

rescue operation — спасательная операция

nearly — почти 

lorry — грузовик

to crash into — врезаться

threw — прошедшее от throw — бросать

to land — приземлиться

exact spot — конкретное место

escape — спасение

to fire — стрелять

bullet — пуля

chest — грудь