English file Pre — 3A

Listening - Unit 3A


a. Listen to five conversations at the airport. Match the speakers with the places:

Arrivals, Baggage reclaim, Check-in, Customs, Immigration.

b. Listen again and answer the questions.

  1. What did the man eat on the plane?
  2. What’s the Gate number?
  3. What’s the friend’s phone number?
  4. What color is the suitcase?
  5. What did the woman buy

Dialogue 1
Woman John!
Man Hi, Jane. You look well.
Woman You, too. How was your flight?
Man We took off a bit late, but it was fine.
Woman Are you hungry?
Man No, I had a sandwich on the plane.
Woman Well, let’s go and find the car. It isn’t far.
Man Great!

Dialogue 2
Ground staff Hello. Where are you flying to?
Passenger To Bristol.
Ground staff Can I see your passport, please?
Passenger Here you are.
Ground staff Thanks. Can I see your hand luggage?
Passenger Yes, just this bag.
Ground staff OK. Here’s your boarding pass. The flight is boarding at 16.50 from Gate B28. You’re in Group B.
Passenger Thanks alot.
Ground staff Enjoy your flight.

Dialogue 3
Immigration Officer Can I see your passport please, sir?
Passenger Here you are.
Immigration Officer What is the purpose of your visit, Mr Green?
Passenger I’m going to stay with a friend.
Immigration Officer Andhow longare vougoing to stay in San Francisco?
Passenger For three weeks.
Immigration Officer Can I have a contact telephone number, please?
Passenger Yes. My friend’s number is 415 673 702.
Immigration Officer Thank you, Mr Green. Enjoy your stay.

Dialogue 4
Woman Look! There’s a grey case. Is it ours?
Man No, it’s too big. Ours is much smaller.
Woman It’s taking a longtime to come out…
Man Yes. The first one came out really quickly.
Woman Look! There it is! At last!
Man You stay here with the other bags. I’m going to get it.
Woman OK. I’ll wait for vou here.

Dialogue 5
Customs Officer
Excuse me, madam. Can you come this way, please?
Passenger Yes, of course.
Customs Officer Have vou got anything to declare?
Passenger No, I don’t think so. I bought some chocolate in the Duty Free Shop, but that’s all.
Customs Officer Can I check your bag, please?
Passenger Sure. Go ahead.
Customs Officer OK…That’s fine.You can go on through.
Passenger Thank you.

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