English file Pre — 4A

Listening - Unit 4A


a. Listen to five teenagers talking about housework. Which speaker does the most housework?

b. Listen again. Match the speakers with what they say about housework.

1. We all share it.
2. My mum does it all.
3. We pay someone to do it.
4. There’s one thing I like doing.
5. I do a little every day.

Speaker 1 Housework? Me? No, that’s my mum’s job. She only goes to work two days a week, so she has enough time to cook and clean and things like that. I go to school and then I see my friends, so I’m too busy to do housework. My dad goes out to work every day, so he doesn’t have time either.

Speaker 2 Well, I try and help my mum when I can. I make my bed when I get up in the morning and I always lay the table for dinner. I usually tidy my room, but my mum is the one that cleans it. Apart from that, I’m not at home very much, so I don’t do anything else.

Speaker 3 Oh yes, everyone in my family helps with
the housework. There are four of us and we’re all very busy. During the week, my mum or my dad cook the dinner, and my brother and I do the washing up. We do the cleaning together on Saturday mornings.

Speaker 4 It’s true — I don’t do much housework, but I love cooking. I don’t have time to cook during the week, but I do all the cooking at the weekends. My mum does all the cleaning, though. She says she doesn’t mind it.

Speaker 5 We have a cleaning lady who comes in every day and she does all our housework. She makes the beds, cleans the floors, and tidies our rooms — she even does the ironing! I’m not sure who does the shopping, but the fridge is always full. That’s the important thing!

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