English file Pre — 4B

Listening - Unit 4B


a. Listen to a news story. What is Westfield?

b. Listen again and answer the questions.

1 How long has it taken to build Westfield?
2 How much did the shopping centre cost?
3 How many department stores and shops are there?
4 How many cafes and restaurants are there?
5 How many people work at Westfield?
6 How can you get to Westfield?
7 What did the reporter want to buy?
8 Why didn’t the reporter buy the thing she liked?

Presenter Those listeners who enjoy going shopping will be interested to hear our next news story. It’s taken six years and 1.45 billion pounds to build, but at last the Westfield shopping centre has opened in Stratford, in East London. We sent our reporter, Juliet Redditch, over to take a look at what is now Europe’s largest urban shopping centre. Juliet, what’s it like in Westfield right now?

Juliet Well, Terry, there are crowds of people everywhere, especially outside the stores which have special opening offers. Some shops have called security staff to help them control the queues.

Presenter Just how big is Westfield, Juliet?

Juliet Oh, it’s really very big! There are two enormous department stores, a huge supermarket, and 300 smaller shops. You can spend all day here if you want to. I haven’t decided where I’m going to have lunch, but there are 70 different places to eat- it’samazing!

Presenter What effect has the shoppingcentre had on the local area, Juliet?

Juliet Well, this is an area where there are many people out of work. The shopping centre has created 10,000 new jobs, so it has really helped.

Presenter How did vou get to Westfield today?

Juliet I came by car. There’s an enormous car park with space for 5,000 cars. But you can also get here by bus, train, and by the underground — it’s the best connected shopping centre in the country.

Presenter Now, Juliet, the big question is… have you bought anything yet?

Juliet No, I haven’t. I was just looking around, really. I saw some trousers I liked, but I didn’t buy them. There were too many people in the changing rooms to try them on!

Presenter OK, thanks Juliet, and now onto a news story of a different kind…That’s the important thing!

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