English file Pre — 4C

Listening - Unit 4C


a. Listen to four people talking about their weekends. Where did they go?

Speaker 1 _________________
Speaker 2 _________________
Speaker 3 _________________
Speaker 4 _________________

b. Listen again. Which speaker…?

1. cooked a meal
2. played with children
3. went to a different country
4. saw some interesting exhibitions
5. had an argument
6. woke up early
7. had bad weather
8. gave someone a surprise

Speaker 1 Last weekend was really awful. My boyfriend and I went camping in the Lake District with some friends, and it rained the whole time. It was really depressing. We had to stay in the tent and playcards all day, which was OK to begin with, but then my boyfriend got bored. He started complaining about the weather, then about our friends, and finally about me! We had a terrible argument, and in the end we came home on Saturday night. I’m never going camping again!

Speaker 2 My weekend was fantastic. I took my wife to Paris, which is somewhere she has wanted to visit her whole life. We stayed in a wonderful hotel,in a beautiful old building overlooking the river. The view was incredible. We ate some really great food, and although it was quite cold, we had a very nice walk around the city. The best bit was that it was a surprise for my wife: I met her after work on Friday and we drove straight to the airport. She had no idea where we were going!

Speaker 3 I haven’t got much money at the moment, so I didn’t do anything special this weekend. But actually I had a really good time! I visited a local museum with some friends. All the museums here are free, and they have some interesting exhibitions about places like Egypt, Rome, and India. We then watched two of my favourite DVDs on Saturday night, and on Sunday I invited my parents to my flat and I cooked dinner for them. Not a bad weekend, really.

Speaker 4 My brother and his wife stayed with us this weekend.They have three children, and we spent the whole time playing with them. We took them swimming, we went to the zoo, and on Sunday we went to the park. They have so much energv! And they’re really noisy — especially in the morning when they wake up, which is usually around 6 o’clock. I was completely exhausted bv Sunday night, but it was lovely to see them.

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