English file Pre — 5A

Listening - Unit 5A


a. Listen to five speakers talk about how their lives have changed. Who…?

1 has just started working from home
2 has had a baby
3 has lost his / her job
4 has moved to a different country
5 has retired

b. Listen again. Which two people are happiest about the changes? Who is the least happy?

Speaker 1 Well, I haven’t been here long, so I haven’t had time to make many friends yet. After I get home from work, I spend most of the evening online chatting with friends and family back home. Twice a week, I have classes to try and learn the language. Most of my colleagues speak really good English, but I haven’t been out with them yet.

Speaker 2 I guess you could say I’m a bit depressed at the moment. Time goes reallv slowly when vou’ve got nothing to do. I spend more time sleeping now, and I have a lot of time to do the housework. It doesn’t take all day to make the bed and clean mv room, so I get quite bored. I hope I find another job soon because I really need the money.

Speaker 3 My life has changed a lot now that Idon’t have to leave the house to go to work. Things aren’t so stressful first thing inthe morning now. I just get up, make a cup of tea, and switch on my computer. It’s strange communicating with colleagues online and not seeing them face-to-face. Sometimes it gets a bit lonely.

Speaker 4 Oh no, I never get bored. There’s always so much to do! I like to get up early and read the newspaper while I’m having breakfast. Then I like to go for a walk and do a bit of shopping. After lunch. I go and pick up my grandchildren from school. We spend an hour in the park until their mum comes to get them. I’m really enjoying life right now.

Speaker 5 This is the best thing that has ever happened to me! She’s so beautiful that I seem to spend all day looking at her! I don’t have time to see friends now,
so I keep in touch with everybody by phone or online when she’s asleep. We go shopping together and I do more housework and cooking, but I don’t get much sleep anymore!

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