English file Pre — 5B

Listening - Unit 5B


a. Listen to a radio travel programme about the Republic of Croatia. Tick the places that are mentioned in the programme.
Split             Zagreb             Dubrovnik           Trogir             Rijeka             the islands

b. Listen again and answer T (true) or F (false).

1 Zagreb is an old city.
2 50,000 people live in Dubrovnik.
3 The palace is outside the city.
4 You can get a ferry to visit the islands.
5 The best time to visit is July and August.

Presenter Hello and welcome to The Travel Programme. Now, one of the most popular tourist destinations these days is the Republic of Croatia in the Balkans. Paula Wilcox from the National Tourist Board is here to tell us all about it. Paula, what’s so special about Croatia?

Paula Oh, there’s just so much to see and do there. First of all, there are historic cities like Zagreb — the capital — and Dubrovnik to visit.

Presenter Let’s start with Zagreb. What is there to see there?

Paula Well, Zagreb is in the north of the country on the River Sava. It’s both an old city and a modern one at the same time. There are lots of elegant restaurants and fashionable shops there, and the city has lots of museums — the most important one is the Archaeological Museum.

Presenter What about Dubrovnik?

Paula Dubrovnik is much smaller than Zagreb — the population is only about 43,000. It’s in the south of Croatia on the Adriatic coast. Inside the old citv walls there are palaces, churches, and a Baroque cathedral to visit. In my opinion, Dubrovnik is one of the most beautiful cities in the world.

Presenter Apart from the cities, what else would vou recommend?

Paula The beaches and the islands. There are wonderful beaches on the Adriatic Sea — Croatia’s coast is very long — and it has more than a thousand islands.

Presenter How can vou get to the islands?

Paula Well, the best place to get a ferry is Split, another city on the coast which is larger than Dubrovnik, but also has some wonderful monuments. There are a number of ferries, which take you to many different islands, where you can do water sports or just relax on the beach.

Presenter So, when is the best time to visit Croatia, Paula?

Paula The main tourist areas are very crowded in julv and August, so it’s better to go in May or |une, when it isn’t as busy.

Presenter Thank vou tor that, Paula. Croatia certainlv sounds like a very interesting holiday destination. Now, let’s look at a different type of holiday …

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