English file Pre — 5C

Listening - Unit 5C


a. Listen to two people doing a quiz about body age. How old is Alice? What is her body age?

b. Listen again and complete the sentences

  1. Alice walks ____________ every day.
  2. She does ____________ sport or exercise.
  3. She doesn’t eat ____________ fast food.
  4. She eats ____________ fruit and vegetables.
  5. She’s a very ____________ person.
  6. She’s ____________ stressed.
  7. She sees ____________ close friends regularly.
  8. he doesn’t have ____________ time for herself.

Dave Hey Alice. Let’s do this quiz. It says you can find out vour bodv age.

Alice Body age? OK..

Dave You first. So… we start with your real age, which is 35…

Alice Don’t tell everyone.

Dave Sorry… then we add or subtract years depending on your answers to the questions. Got that?

Alice Yes.

Dave Right. First question. How much do you walk a day?

Alice Well, I always go for a walk at lunch time. So … quite a lot.

Dave Quite a lot. OK, so we subtract one year, which leaves us with 34. Next question. How much sport and exercise do you do?

Alice Oh I hate sport. And I don’t do any exercise. I guess that means none.

Dave No sport or exercise. Add two years. That makes 36. How much fastfood do you eat?

Alice None. I don’t eat any.

Dave Great! Subtract a year. We’re back on 35 again. How many portions of fruit and vegetables do you eat?

Alice A lot. I have more than five every day.

Dave A lot. Subtract two years. That’s 33. Next one. How would you describe yourself mentally?

Alice Urn… what do yo umean?

Dave Well, are you a positive person, or a negative person?

Alice Oh, right. Um, I think I’m a very positive person.

Dave OK. Subtract three years… Now you’re on 30. Next question. How would you describe your stress level?

Alice Mmm , I would say I’m a little stressed… but it’s under control.

Dave OK, so we don’t have to add or subtract anything. You’re still on 30. How many close friends do you see regularly?

Alice Mmm. A few. I don’t have much time.

Dave Right… we don’t add or subtract anything again. Last question. How much time do you have for yourself?

Alice Not enough. I’m always really busy.

Dave Add a year… That makes 31. Which means that you are 35 but your body is only 31. What do you think of that?

Alice 31? That’s great news! Now it’s your turn…

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