English file Pre — 6A

Listening - Unit 6A


a. Listen to a conversation about horoscopes. What are Matt and Amy’s star signs?

b. Listen again and complete the sentences with A(Amy) or M(Matt).

1. _______ believes in horoscopes.
2. _______ doesn’t believe in horoscopes.
3. _______ has a problem with someone.
4. _______ is worried about the horoscope.
5. _______ was born in January.
6. _______’s horoscope is good.
7. _______ has a meeting the next day.

Matt What are you reading?
Amy Nothing, just my horoscope.
Matt Really? What star sign are you?
Amy Virgo. My birthday’s on September 15th.
Matt So, what does it say?
Amy It says that people will talk about me next week because of something I’ve done.
Matt But you don’t really believe that, do you?
Amy Well, actually I do. Because I have done something that will make people talk about me.
Matt Oh. What have you done?
Amy I sent an email to my boss yesterday complaining about my new colleague. She’s really lazy and she never does any work.
Matt Did you?
Amy Yes. So my boss will ask the other people in my office about this new person and he’ll probably ask about me, too. So, my horoscope is right. People will definitely talk about me next week.
Matt Well, don’t worry about it. I’m sure everything will be alright.
Amy I hope so.
Matt Anyway, what about me? What does my horoscope say?
Amy Let me have a look. Your birthday’s January 5th, so that makes you… Capricorn.
Matt That’s right…. So, what does it say?
Amy It says… oh! Listen to this! It says you’ll be lucky with money next week.
Matt Really? Perhaps I should go out and buy a lottery ticket!
Amy No. Wait a minute. Let’s think about this. You’ve got a meeting with your boss tomorrow, haven’t you?
Matt Yes. Why?
Amy Perhaps she’ll give you a pay rise!
Matt Oh, Amy! Really! You’re taking this far too seriously! I don’t believe a word of it!
Amy Well, I do. I think your boss will put up your salary tomorrow. Perhaps she’ll offer you a better job!
Matt Amy, you’re being far too optimistic. It’s only a horoscope, for goodness’ sake!

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