English file Pre — 6C

Listening - Unit 6C


a. Listen to a radio programme about recurring dreams. Number the dreams in the order you hear them.

____ You are flying.
____ You are running.
____ You can’t escape.
____ You are lost.
____ You are falling.

b. Listen again and match the interpretations with the dreams.

Dream 1 _____
Dream 2 _____
Dream 3 _____
Dream 4 _____
Dream 5 _____

a. You don’t know what to do in your life.
b. You can’t change a difficult situation.
c. Your life has improved in some way.
d. You don’t want your life to change.
e. You don’t want to face a problem.

Presenter Hello and welcome to the programme. Do you ever have the same dream night after night? These dreams are called ‘recurring dreams’, and psychologist Dr William Harris is in the studio today to tell us all about them. Good morning, Dr Harris.

Dr Harris Hello.

Presenter Dr Harris, which is the most common recurring dream?

Dr Harris Well, top of the list is the dream where someone or something is running after you. Either it’s a person or a dangerous animal, like a bull or a lion. The dream means that there is something in your life that you don’t want to face. It can be a feeling, a conflict or a memory, for example, but whatever it is, it’s something that you don’t want to deal with.

Presenter Right. What’s the next dream on the list?

Dr Harris It’s the one where you are falling for what seems like a very long time. Falling is a definite sign that you are out of control. You have lost direction in your life and you don’t know what to do.

Presenter Yes, I’ve had that dream before. Not recently, though. Anyway, what other recurring dreams are there?

Dr Harris This is another fairly common dream. You’re trying to get somewhere but you get lost on the way, and you don’t know where you are. People often have this dream when they’re going through a period of change. It shows that they don’t want to accept the new situation.

Presenter OK, Dr Harris. Have you got any more recurring dreams for us?

Dr Harris Yes, there are two. The first dream is agood one. Some people have a recurring dream that they are flying through the air. They are enjoying it, and enjoying looking down on the world below. This shows that they are feeling free, possibly because they have solved a problem they had, or they have escaped from a difficult situation in their life.

Presenter And the last dream?

Dr Harris This one isn’t so good. It’s a feeling of being trapped. Maybe you are in a lift that is trapped between floors and you can’t get out. This dream means that there is something in your life that is making you feel unhappy, and you feel that you cannot change it.

Presenter Dr Harris, that was very interesting. Thank you for talking to us.

Dr Harris You’re welcome.

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