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1. ___ you like Italian food?

2. They will meet ___ at the airport.

3. I'm going to a cinema tonight. ___ you like to come?

4. I like this car, but the price is too ___ for me.

5. Excuse me, how do I ___ to the bus station?

6. I can’t see. Where are my ___?

7. I'd like ___ milk in my coffe, please.

8. Did you finish your home work? No, I ___ it tommorow.

9. ___ ever been to England?

10. Can you look ___ my dog this weekend?

11. Argh! This noise is giving me a ___

12. My car won’t start. Could you give me a ___ to town?

13. If the whether ___ bad tommorow we can go to a museum.

14. If I ___ closer to my work, I could wake up lately.

15. Have you finished ___ the wall yet?

16. How unkind of him to ___ to help you!

17. I had to stand in a ___ for hours to get the tickets for the performance.

18. You should be ___ of yourself for behaving so badly.

19. I ___ go to the doctors yesterday.

20. I refused ___ to them.

21. Tell her ___.

22. You are likely to be ___ by mosquitoes sitting outside here in the evening.

23. You must ___ facts and not try to run away from the unpleasant truth.

24. We’re sorry you’re ill and send you our best wishes for a speedy ___.

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